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the film. now there is fear there may be backlash here in the united states. abc 7 news has that story from concord. >> for 13 years st. mary and st. nina catholic orthodox church has been part of the concord community. the morning service allowed followers to reflect upon the latest violence in egypt. >> this is very sad. egypt is not now the country it used to be. >> jipt's catholic christians makeup 85% of the people that. community experienced discrimination from religious extremists and now, there are reports linking the infamous antiislamic movie to a koptic christian living in cerritos. >> if we have one cop did something bad it doesn't mean you label the whole church that they're bad. we're not behind this person or this movie. >> father anthony and his church condemned the film, still, they fear there will be a retaliation resulting in violence and persecution against koptic christians. muslims in the by area fear a backlash. they, too, have been critical of the attacks on the u.s. embassy and violence in egypt, libya and in parts of the middle east. and amina from the islamic netw
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1

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